Disney Misspells “Santa”, But Some Are Convinced It Was Intentional

(NewsGlobal.com)- The latest Christmas series “Santa Clauses” on Disney’s subscription streaming service faced some backlash this week after angry parents objected to a scene in which children with letters were supposed to spell out “We love you, Santa,” but the letters were mixed up and the children ended up spelling out, “We love you, Satan.”


Angry parents immediately took to social media to attack Disney for what they believed was an inappropriate joke.

One mother posted an angry tirade on Facebook, warning parents not to let their children watch the Disney+ series. She said the joke wasn’t funny and claimed that this was an example of the “sad and disappointing” world we live in.

Another disgruntled parent accused Disney of trying to indoctrinate children and said that the “We love you, Satan” joke was reason enough to cancel Disney+.

One parent called it “sickening and absolutely disgusting” that Disney is exposing children to this and vowed to never let her children watch Disney again.

There are plenty of more valid reasons for turning off Disney than a stupid joke. Its penchant for making children’s programming that includes gay and transgender characters is one of them.

And audiences are showing Disney exactly how they feel about that.

Its latest animated movie “Strange World,” which includes an openly gay main character, became one of Disney’s worst-selling movie releases ever when it opened over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The film, which features the voices of some big-name actors, cost Disney between $120 and $130 million to make.

Disney had projected “Strange World” would rake in big over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, estimating earnings between $30 and $40 million.

Disney’s estimates were wrong.

Over the five-day holiday weekend, “Strange World” only managed to bring in $18.6 million at the box office.