Disney Official Who Led “Woke” Response To Florida Is No Longer With Company

(NewsGlobal.com)- Last week, Disney’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Geoff Morrell stepped down from his position less than four months after taking the job.

In an email to company executives on Friday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced Morrell’s departure, stating only that he was leaving “to pursue other opportunities.”

Chapek said Morrell will be replaced by a former Biden administration official, Kristina Schake who will now head up Disney’s communications efforts.

When announcing his decision to step down, Morrell said in an email to staff that after three months with Disney, it became clear to him “for a number of reasons,” that it was “not the right fit.”

However, Deadline reported last week that Morrell didn’t step down; he was fired.

According to Deadline, Disney hoped that removing Morrell and reorganizing the top may help the company dig itself out of the hole it found itself in when it decided to declare war on Florida.

But Morrell didn’t dig that hole, Bob Chapek did.

Initially, Chapek refused to wade into the controversy over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law. But after being badgered by a loud minority of Disney employees and getting goaded by former CEO Bob Eiger, Chapek caved, issuing a groveling apology and vowing to fight Florida.

The blowback was immediate, not just from Florida lawmakers, but from parents who broadly support the Florida law.

Chapek created a disaster, but Geoff Morrell is the one paying the price.

And if Disney is hoping to turn things around by putting its communications efforts into the hands of Biden flack Kristina Schake, the company is dumber than we thought.

Schake’s previous job was to head up the Biden administration’s vaccine education program. And we all know how badly this White House bungled its vaccine messaging.

Chapek choosing Schake may make Disney’s already bad position even worse.