Doctors Are Asking Police To Investigate Mysterious Covid “Deaths”

( Medical specialists from New Zealand sent an open letter to the government asking for an inquiry into the fatalities after the Covid vaccines were given.

A press release states that an unredacted copy of the letter from the New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) was prepared for the police.

According to the NZDSOS, the burden of fatalities and injuries following the Covid-19 vaccinations is startlingly high, both by itself and as compared to any other therapy or vaccine in contemporary times. As is appropriate for any medicine missing safety research, many situations demand serious study.

According to reports, specific fatalities from the Citizen’s Database were highlighted. The deceased were mostly the young, some of them children. They died unexpectedly and quickly. Blood clots in the heart or brain frequently contribute to their demise.

A letter was sent to the Police commissioner Andrew Coster and MPs, appealing to them to defend the People.

According to NZDSOS, despite the collection and investigation of adverse events following the Corminaty injection, the concerns confirmed by health care workers’ whistle-blower stories, and everyday New Zealanders, the commissioner did not reply. Andrew Coster instead left it to his legal team. It is not known if he saw the letter. NZDSOS claims they are not reassured and can’t help but wonder about the independence of those who are meant to serve.

On their website, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science state they are advocating for the rights of the public. Even though it seems unimaginable, the nation is rapidly transforming into a place of dictatorship where scientific debate and criticism of the administration are relentlessly suppressed. NZDSOS explains doctors are being fired on fabricated grounds, and people are being segregated from one another, dehumanized, and forced to participate in experimental medical procedures.

Building judicial, educational, medical, and communal institutions based on freedom, harmony, science, knowledge, and excellence is a goal of NZDSOS, which works in unison with movements in New Zealand and worldwide.

Silence is not an option.