DOJ Delay Likely Underway Over Hunter Biden “Sweet Heart” Deal

After a barrage of whistleblower allegations came in about the corruption in Biden’s Justice Department, Hunter Biden’s plea deal is being delayed, according to The Daily Mail. Hunter reportedly pleaded guilty to federal tax misdemeanors and a gun charge but was not likely looking at prison time after he struck a deal with prosecutors. 

Now an official for the department says that they are considering delaying a plea hearing because there is a claim that Attorney General Merrick Garland lied to Congress about the criminal probe into the president’s son. Whistleblowers from the IRS are claiming that Hunter’s tax and corruption crimes are more serious than what is being presented. 

The Heritage Foundation is suing the Justice Department for not releasing communication records of prosecutor David Weiss. Director Mike Howell said that the leniency with which the department and the prosecutor are treating Hunter makes the situation appear to be a “sweetheart deal.” 

The foundation is now looking to corroborate whistleblower claims that Weiss was asked not to fully prosecute Hunter’s crimes, a claim that contradicts Garland’s testimony to the U.S. Senate when he said that Weiss had everything he needed to fully prosecute Hunter. 

Samuel Dewey, a lawyer representing the foundation, said that if the whistleblowers are right in their assertions, the records of communication should be in Weiss’ office. The DOJ said that they will hand over the records but only after Hunter’s plea deal on July 26. 

The move flies in the face of the foundation’s imperative, which is to hold both Hunter and the department accountable for what appears to be corruption. Once the judge hands down his sentence, it is reportedly not likely to be reversed. 

The news comes as former President Donald Trump faces charges of alleged hush money payments and wrongdoing related to his handling of classified documents.