DOJ Is Launching An “Environmental” Project Next

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On Thursday, US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the creation of a new “Office of Environmental Justice” to pursue Vice President Joe Biden’s climate change agenda.
Cynthia Ferguson, an attorney with the Department of Justice’s Environmental Enforcement Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division, will serve as the new office director.

According to Deputy Attorney General Garland, efforts to promote comprehensive environmental justice enforcement policy will be coordinated via the Office of Environmental Justice. It will collaborate with a number of other interdepartmental agencies, including the Civil Rights Division and the United States Attorneys’ offices, to prioritize meaningful and constructive engagement with the communities most affected by environmental crime and injustice and other federal agencies.

They will prioritize cases that will have the most significant impact on the communities that are the most adversely affected by environmental deterioration. They will be sensitive that minority and low-income communities and indigenous and indigenous groups are frequently disproportionately impacted by environmental crime, pollution, and climate change.
Biden’s climate advisor Gina McCarthy has recently made “green proclamations” that sound equally absurd. She boasted to her throngs of lunatic admirers at Tufts University about how the government would compel airlines to comply with their new green-style legislation.
Speaking about the airlines, McCarthy said that they’d better be all in on her policies, or they’re “gonna be out of here.”

Following a meeting with supporters last week, McCarthy stated that they are implementing 100 limitations on appliances this year alone.
Gina McCarthy also wants you to think that global warming is to blame for Boston’s ‘worst winter ever.’

McCarthy said that a mountain of snow had buried Boston for far too long. Everyone must comply with her. She needs to begin moving on climate change because if the situation continues to deteriorate, our automobiles will be buried in snow for months at a time.
These are the people running our lives.