Donald Trump Claims Christ Christie Is “Trying To Console Himself” At Roy Rogers

( Former President Donald Trump made fun of former Republican New Jersey Governor and 2016 rival Chris Christie’s weight amid speculation Christie might run in 2024.

Trump posted to TruthSocial an alleged photo of Christie enjoying a Roy Rogers buffet. He joked that it was Chris Christie’s visit to a Roy Rogers at 11 o’clock at night, trying to console himself.

According to the restaurant’s website, Roy Rogers serves “an appealing choice of menu items” in a comfortable, enjoyable setting. They are located throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Reports show Chris Christie backed Trump in 2016 following a bad showing in New Hampshire, with Trump declaring the endorsement “truly means a lot.” Christie was then named to lead the White House transition team, although he was eventually replaced by Vice President Mike Pence. Christie was facing impeachment proceedings in his home state of New Jersey after two of his former aides were convicted in “Bridgegate.”

Like Christie, Bridgegate was too big a problem. He had to be cut loose from the transition team.

The Trump team didn’t sugarcoat it. (Because Christie would probably try to eat it.)

Christie has subsequently distanced himself from Trump, telling CNN’s David Axelrod in 2021 that election night was “the red line” for him. He remarked that Trump claimed the election was stolen and provided no proof to back it up.

Reports show Christie recently stated that the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was fair game. This, despite many Republicans rallying around Trump in the aftermath of the despicable move.

Chris Christie is probably hangry because he wants to run for president, but no one will get behind him.

The truth is, Chris Christie can’t run.
At all.

And even if someone were to stand behind him, you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway.

So lighten up, Gov. You already have a lot on your plate without drawing the wrath of Donald J. Trump.