Dr. Oz Closes In On Fetterman With Just Weeks To Go

(NewsGlobal.com)- The Pennsylvania Senate race is closing in, according to a new Emerson College survey, bringing Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz within trailing distance of Democratic Lt. Governor John Fetterman, according to the Daily Caller.

The survey, which polled 1,000 likely general election voters, brough Oz within 2 points of Fetterman, 43% to 45%. Two focal issues that voters were asked about were Fetterman’s stroke and Oz’s long time New Jersey residence.

When asked about his stroke, “59% of voters say it makes no difference on their vote, 27% say it makes them less likely to support Fetterman, and 14% say it makes them more likely,” a significant decrease from August when 68% said that the candidate’s stroke made no difference on their vote.

A large portion of voters, 8%, are still undecided, which is reportedly crucial for an election is a historically “swing state.” There was also a gender divide among voters.

“There is a gender divide in the race for US Senate: men break for Oz over Fetterman by six points, while women voters break for Fetterman by seven,” said Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling.

Fetterman has been considered a “vulnerable” candidate because of the handicaps resulting from his stroke, such as speech impediments. In an article on NY Mag, aside from the author constantly pointing out that Fetterman was a white man, she interviewed the candidate, writing that “We spoke using Google Meet, because the stroke had made it difficult for him to process what he hears; the video chat has closed-captioning technology that allowed him to read my questions in real time.”

83% of voters polled finding it somewhat important for both candidates to participate in a debate ahead of the election. Fetterman has declined a debate, only recently consented to one televised debate against Oz. Oz had initially wanted at least three debates ahead of the November election, as he claimed that Fetterman is unfit for service.

“Fetterman is either healthy and he’s dodging the debates because he does not want to answer for his radical left positions, or he’s too sick to participate in the debate,” Oz said.