Dr. Oz Performed Secret Surgeries On Chinese Military In The 90s

(NewsGlobal.com)- Mehmet Oz, the Pennsylvania Senate candidate, once worked at a Chinese military hospital and spoke knowingly about the country.
In the 1990s, Oz performed surgeries in at least two hospitals, including the Chinese military 301 Hospital and USANA baby care facility in Beijing. USANA Health Services was a sponsorship partner of his daytime TV health and wellness show.

Oz’s father-in-law, Dr. Gerald Lemole, was a cardiovascular surgeon like Oz and had taken a heart surgery team to Beijing in 1991 to train Chinese doctors.
Oz recently published a book with a Chinese co-author, Yin Yang You, which promotes traditional Chinese medicine. In an interview in July 2018, he said he opposed trade wars with China.

A statement from Oz’s Director of Communications, Brittany Yanick, said that for a few days, over 30 years ago, Dr. Mehmet Oz traveled to China to train other doctors and local surgeons on how to do sophisticated cardiac surgery. When it comes to improving healthcare quality throughout the world, it should not be used as a political weapon. Teaching physicians to save lives is different from being “Beijing’s chosen candidate,“ like McCormick, who is offshoring Pennsylvania jobs while making himself and the CCP rich with Wall Street insider hedge fund investments.

Oz and McCormick are the two leading contenders for the Republican nomination to succeed Pat Toomey in the Senate (R-PA). May 17 is the primary date.
Despite the doctor’s past relationship with China, Trump has endorsed Dr. Oz, which contrasts with Trump’s campaign rhetoric. Trump thinks of China as a foe and dangerous adversary.

However, Trump has said that his first exposure to Dr. Oz was through his hugely successful television show. His reputation preceded him. Trump joked that Oz said he was in great shape, which made him admire him even more.
Because of his views on abortion, crime, the Second Amendment, border security, the military, education, energy independence, and election fraud, Trump believes Oz can win the General Election against Democrats in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
Trump feels that Dr. Oz’s advice and counsel attract women. They respect and trust him.
A recent Emerson College poll saw McCormick and Oz deadlocked at 14%, with 51% of Republican voters undecided.

Trump’s backing might help Oz a month before the primary, says Emerson College Polling’s Spencer Kim.
The study found that 61% of Republican primary voters prefer a candidate who supports them, 13% prefer a candidate who does not, and 26% believe it makes no difference.