Dr. Oz Punished By Columbia For Senate Run

(NewsGlobal.com)- According to the Daily Beast, Columbia University’s medical school website quietly scrubbed TV personality and “Republican” Senate candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz not long after he announced his candidacy.

In a report last Friday, the Daily Beast said Oz’s profile was removed from Columbia’s website in mid-January of this year. His name was no longer listed in website searches for doctors within Columbia’s Irving Medical Center. The faculty listing on the website, however, still shows that Oz has an office and is a special lecturer.

But Columbia’s connection to Dr. Oz has long been a source of controversy even before he decided to run for the Senate. After Oz testified in a Senate hearing about his endorsement of bizarre miracle cures in 2015, some of the country’s top medical professionals wrote to Columbia demanding the university fire Oz.

The doctors blasted Dr. Oz’s “egregious lack of integrity” and accused him of “promoting quack treatments and cures” for financial gain.

Among those who signed the letter was Dr. Scott Atlas, who would later come under attack for contradicting the Fauci-led COVID strategy.

What is unclear from the Daily Beast’s report is whether Columbia’s stealth maneuver was prompted by Dr. Oz’s decision to run for office.

It certainly wasn’t prompted by former President Donald Trump’s ill-advised endorsement of the pro-abortion, anti-gun “Republican” since Trump hadn’t endorsed Oz at the time Columbia quietly removed mentions of him from its website.

But for doctors who have long demanded that Columbia send Dr. Oz packing, the fact that the university did so in such a cowardly way was egregious.

Boston pediatrician Dr. Daniel Summers called the stealth removal, a “chickensh*t thing to do.” Summers told the Daily Beast that Columbia’s stealthy handling of Oz’s change in status “is a massive blot on their reputation.”

Summers also blasted Oprah Winfrey who launched Dr. Oz’s television career, blaming her promotion of the guy for turning him into a kook celebrity who now “continues to debase himself” by running for Senate as a Republican.