Elderly Woman Forced To Stay Home Against Her Will For Not Downloading Government App

(NewsGlobal.com)- A 71-year-old woman from Ontario crossed the border into the US on July 19 with her passport and evidence of immunization in hand. Despite having all the necessary physical papers on hand, she was instructed to complete the Trudeau Liberals’ mandatory ArriveCAN app to avoid being sent in quarantine.

Pierre Poilievre, a Conservative MP and the potential prime minister was interested in her narrative and denounced the policy as “lunacy.”

Don’t have a phone or just don’t want to download the ArriveCan app from Trudeau? Poilievre tweeted.

Poilievre said that that would be Bad news. Even though you are an elderly person, who has been immunized and confined for two years, “off to quarantine with you.”

He implored Trudeau to stop this lunacy stop pressuring people to download this app and start fixing our airports immediately.

Joanne Walsh reportedly objected to using the ArriveCAN app because she wanted to stand in solidarity with other seniors who don’t have cellphones and can’t use them.

Walsh asserted that “if you don’t have a phone, a smartphone, if you don’t have the internet, you’re simply a nothing” and that elders are “segregated.”

Walsh was informed that non-compliance would result in a 14-day mandatory quarantine and other possible fines in what rapidly went viral footage of her meeting with the border officer.

The officer responded that she clearly couldn’t make her do ArriveCAN. It is the woman’s decision whether or not to do it, but she continued by telling Walsh that, in accordance with the rules, she would be put in quarantine.

Umm, that is the definition of being forced to use ArriveCAN.

The officer replied that if she disobeyed the order, police might be called in to keep an eye on her compliance for the good of “Public Health.”

Walsh said that no Canadian should have to go through this. She shouldn’t have to. She said just because she is unwilling to download an app to her phone, she shouldn’t be treated like a criminal.

Walsh directed her anger onto the Trudeau administration rather than the police and showed no ill will toward the officer. According to True North, people who fail to complete the ArriveCAN app may be liable to penalties or other forms of punishment in addition to quarantine.