Elon Musk Challenges Mark Zuckerberg To Inappropriate Contest

According to a report, on the week that Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta unveiled its Twitter but with lots more censorship clone “Threads,” Twitter CEO Elon Musk had a few laughs on Twitter.

Musk responded when an apparent Wendy’s official Threads account stated Zuckerberg should beat him at his own game by going to space. “Zuck” replied with a laughing emoji.

After hearing this, Musk called Zuckerberg a “cuck” in response.  Musk then went a step beyond.  Musk suggested a dick-measuring contest between the two of them. Musk placed a yellow ruler emoji at the end of the text.

Many memes and jokes mocking The Threads platform and Zuckerberg himself soon followed.

Hours after its debut, Twitter had already threatened legal action against Zuckerberg and Meta. Thursday, Twitter sent a cease-and-desist notice to Meta over the company’s new social networking app.  Twitter claimed that Meta had hired hundreds of former workers who have knowledge of Twitter’s proprietary information.

Reports show Jack Dorsey, a former CEO of Twitter, said recently that Facebook-Threads had begun collecting data from its users.   

Paul Joseph Watson ripped into Threads on Friday, pointing out that the platform deletes whole threads if it doesn’t like them.  Threads is promoting unwelcome spam and other bothersome content on its platform.

According to a report, as Twitter was before Elon Musk, Threads is a lefty echo chamber.

A Twitter user with the handle of @KanekoaTheGreat referred to the Threads feed as “garbage” comprising random individuals, famous people, and businesses. There is no private messaging, no method to manage your feed, and no chronological order. There is no online interface or keyword search, no hashtags, bookmarks, or following tabs allowed, and no monetization.

There’s more. According to a report, the new Threads logo has been discovered by its users to be three entwined sixes