Elon Musk Devastated After Secret Video Shows Twitter Exec Mocking Musk’s Health Condition

(NewsGlobal.com)- Elon Musk saw Project Veritas’ latest undercover video, which shows a Twitter executive mocking Musk for having Asperger’s. This dude should be busy updating his resumé for his upcoming job interviews.

The employee, identified by Project Veritas as Lead Client Partner Alex Martinez, mocks the billionaire, admits Twitter censors users, and says he knows Project Veritas is out to record Twitter employees, so he is being “extra cautious.” (lol)

Martinez says, “He has Asperger’s” in the undercover restaurant recording. “He’s’special!”

Musk, who revealed he has Asperger’s on “SNL” last year, was not pleased.
He said in a tweet that the Twitter exec was trashing free speech & mocking Asperger’s.

Musk’s $44 billion bid for Twitter is on hold while demanding an audit to determine how many daily users are bots or spam accounts. He wants to take Twitter private to ensure it functions as a “town square” for free speech.

Nothing Martinez says in the undercover video will influence Musk to see his side of things. It can only embolden him that he has been right all along. Twitter censors beliefs that run contrary to their own.

Martinez says in the video that Twitter wants to be as fair, transparent, and accurate as possible, and if that means there’s a level of censorship to make it correct, so be it.

He says if you don’t put out “correct information,” people can’t make rational decisions.

Martinez says Twitter must censor people to be “fair.”

As an advertiser, I want Twitter to be as fair, transparent, and accurate as possible, even if that means censorship. Correct means what? It’s about what’s right, he rambles.
The undercover reporter pretends not to know his own company and reads him a warning.

“It says groups like “Project Ve-ree-tas” is active right now,” he says. “WTF is that?”

Martinez understands Project Veritas.

But in a rather sad exchange, the clueless mark lays out what is happening to him.

Martinez explains that it’s like someone’s trying to out the employees. They’re trying to date them, record them, then sell their quotes to The New York Times.

Close, but in this case, Project Veritas is doing the work The New York Times won’t.

“You’re lucky we met organically because otherwise, I’d question everything about you,” Martinez says.

He should have asked questions instead of answering them.