Elon Musk Getting Ready To Replace Himself In 2023

(NewsGlobal.com)- Elon Musk has been leading Twitter as its new owner for less than a year, and already, he’s looking ahead to the next person who will run the company that he took private.

On Tuesday, Musk sent out a series of joking tweets saying that they’ve found the next CEO of his company. In the tweets, he posted a picture of Floki, his pet Shiba Inu dog, wearing a sweater that looked like one Steve Jobs would wear. The dog was also sitting behind a desk, and his paw print signature was on letterhead for Twitter.

Musk then joked by writing:

“The new CEO of Twitter is amazing. So much better than the other guy.”

While these tweets were obviously a joke – no, a dog isn’t running Twitter – Musk did say that he believes someone else should be running his social media company.

In speaking at the World Government Summit conference that was held in Dubai, Musk said he expected to hire a CEO to run the day-to-day operations of Twitter sometime before the end of this year.

He appeared at that conference via video call, saying that it’s been a “rollercoaster” ever since he took over Twitter in 2023. He said:

“I’m guessing probably towards the end of this year should be good timing to find someone else to run the company. I need to stabilize the organization and make sure it’s in a healthy place and that the product roadmap is clearly laid out.

“I think it would be in a stable position around the end of this year.”

Last spring, Musk spent $44 billion to acquire Twitter. Once he did so, he took the company private as well.

By handing off the daily operations to someone else, Musk would in essence allow himself to avoid some of the criticisms that he seemingly faces every day on the platform. It would also allow him to spend more time at his other companies, particularly electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla. Ever since Musk took over Twitter, shares in Tesla have plummeted – in part because investors don’t like the fact that he’s not spending as much time there.

Before the deep dip in price of Tesla’s stock, Musk was ranked as the world’s richest man. Now, Forbes ranks him second on this list, behind Bernard Arnault, the magnate of a French luxury brand. Musk’s net worth is estimated to be just shy of $200 billion.

To this point, Musk hasn’t given any indication of the type of CEO he would be looking for to head Twitter. He did say late last year that once he found “someone foolish enough” to take over, he would step down as the company’s CEO and limit his duties to server and software engineering.

Through the ups and downs the company has experienced in his short tenure, Musk still thoroughly believes in the power of the platform. He said at the conference:

“As a forum for communication, it’s great. And I would just encourage more communication … to sort of speak in an authentic voice.”