Elon Musk In “Talks” With Tucker Carlson

Twitter CEO Elon Musk reportedly had a conversation with ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson about the possibility of the two of them working together on an unknown project, according to Axios.

While the details of their discussion are unknown, Axios reported that Musk and Carlson had a conversation about somehow joining forces. But that is just one of many options available for the popular former Fox host.

According to Axios, there are also whispers that Carlson is considering starting a media operation of his own.

Those close to Carlson said he is considering creating a “direct-to-consumer media outlet,” following the same blueprint as another former Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly.

However, when Fox News parted ways with their top-rated host, they did not release him from his existing $20 million a year contract, effectively sidelining Carlson until his contract expires in January 2025.

Meanwhile, allies of Carlson, including those in Trump’s circle, are reportedly preparing to go on the offensive against Fox for refusing to release Carlson from his contract.

According to Axios, one friend of Carlson’s asked if the host wanted him to start hitting Fox News, but Carlson said no, adding that he wanted it done quietly and cleanly.

One source told Axios that Carlson knew where Fox buried the bodies and was prepared to “start drawing a map.”

Additionally, Axios reported that other conservative outlets have reached out to Carlson, including Newsmax and Rumble, offering to pay him more than his salary with Fox News.

Carlson has remained silent about his plans.

Just days after being fired by Fox, the top-rated host released a video on Twitter where he blasted the one-party state for silencing opposing voices on television and shutting down debate that might reveal the truth.

Without hinting at what comes next, Carlson closed the video with, “See you soon.”