Elon Musk Makes $1B Offer To Wikipedia If They Change Name

Elon Musk has offered $1 billion to rebrand the online encyclopedia Wikipedia as “Dickipedia.”

Reports show the owner of X made his offer public in a post. He had earlier shared an image of a donation appeal made by Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, who insisted that the site is not for sale.

Musk stated that if they changed the name to Dickipedia, he would give $1 billion to them.

In another message, he asked that cow and poop emojis (meaning “bullsh*t”) be included on his Wiki page for the sake of precision.

A commenter proposed that the online encyclopedia take the money, reasoning that it could always revert to its previous name after receiving payment, but Musk made a catch to his offer.

Musk wrote that he’s not a fool. The bare minimum is a whole year.

According to a report, in 2019, Wikipedia administrators had gone on a purge binge, removing content from conservative news outlets. The following year saw a quickening of the process when The Daily Mail was prohibited as a source.

Fifteen other sites, including The Gateway Pundit and Epoch Times, have been banned for identical reasons. Many conservative news sites have been blocked, along with a few data-focused websites and state-owned publications from countries like Venezuela and Iran. Since 2018, Breitbart News has not been considered a “reliable source” on Wikipedia.

A report reveals that Lawrence Mark Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, claims U.S. intelligence services have been influencing the website for over two decades.

In an interview with Glenn Greenwald, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism, Sanger alleged that the CIA, the FBI, and other U.S. intelligence organizations used Wikipedia as a “control” tool.

Sanger said in the interview that there’s evidence that even as early as 2008, FBI and CIA computers were utilized to edit Wikipedia.

Sanger saw a gradual change in Wikipedia’s content from 2006 to 2008 when entries on scientifically contentious issues like global warming and some pharmaceuticals started to reflect what he called “over-the-top biases.”

As the Trump presidency progressed, so did the bias on Wikipedia. Based on his knowledge, Sanger said no encyclopedia has proved as skewed as Wikipedia.