Vegan Plan FLOPS – They’re Rejecting IT

McDonald’s is pulling the McPlant burger and salads from menus across the country because there isn’t enough interest in plant-based proteins. 

Eight McDonald’s restaurants in four states ( Iowa, TX, LA, and CA) tested the McPlant burger in February 2022,  and that summer, it was terminated. The McPlant burger featured a Beyond Meat plant-based patty. In many European nations, it has been an enormous commercial success. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, salads were removed from the menu and will not be back. According to McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski, the fast food giant is willing to bring back salads if customers genuinely desire them. However, he also mentioned that the company’s current offerings aren’t meeting customer expectations.

Although Beyond Meat was not able to surpass beef in terms of yearly system-wide sales, chicken remains a significant moneymaker for McDonald’s. The chicken category currently accounts for $25 billion, which is equal to beef. Salads and other plant-based alternatives lagged far behind in sales and will not be returning to McDonald’s menus throughout the country any time soon. They know their customers and what they want, and the fast food giant has reduced its selection of healthy options in recent years.

People know that when they go to McDonald’s, they are going to indulge in high fat and salt; it’s the choice they made.

Meatless McPlant started in the Dallas and San Francisco areas as early as 2021. However, due to its lack of success, it was never put on menus nationwide. However, sales of the highly anticipated, time-limited $5 value lunch allegedly continue to rise, proving that it is a huge success with consumers. 

Given the positive feedback, McDonald’s may consider joining its competitors, who have promised to make the value meal a permanent part of their menu.

To streamline operations, McDonald’s removed salads from the menu in 2019; however, a small number of franchisees in select areas have since brought back healthier options.