Epstein-Linked Billionaire Accused Of Horrific Crime

A New York complaint claims that a then-16-year-old girl with Down syndrome and autism was raped by Leon Black, who is accused of asking her what made her Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘special girl’ during the attack.

After an investigation revealed that Black had paid Epstein $158 million for advice on finances from 2012 to 2017, following the pedophile’s criminal conviction, Black resigned from his position as CEO of Apollo in July 2021.

According to a report, a woman has come forward with charges saying that Leon Black brutally raped her while employing a sex toy and biting her, leaving permanent scars on her body and mind.

Black’s attorneys have said that the charges are entirely made up, implying that they were brought by a legal firm with a grudge. The lawsuit was first filed in Federal Court in the state of New York on July 25th.

The woman, in her 30s, solely identified as “Jane Doe,” had been born having mosaic Down syndrome, an uncommon condition that gave her some of the characteristics of classic Down syndrome yet did not alter her physical appearance.

According to the report, the rape was so brutal and cruel that it permanently scarred her body and mind. The plaintiff’s attorneys claim their client suffered inside wounds that continue to hurt.

According to the complaint, Plaintiff was forced to sleep with Epstein and Maxwell so that Epstein could “cuddle” with her.

A report reveals that The U.S. Virgin Islands reportedly spent three years investigating the sex trafficking activities of the late infamous billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and Black paid $62.5 million to settle any claims that could have arisen from those investigations.

The Virgin Islands and Epstein’s estate struck a $105 million settlement, which was not made public until the New York Times reported about it. Following Epstein’s death in prison in 2019, the territory filed a federal lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase & Co. for its 15-year association with the convicted sex offender.  Last month, the lawsuit against JPMorgan was finally resolved.