Eric Trump Reveals Big Prediction His Father Got Right

( In an interview Monday, Eric Trump boasted that every prediction his father made about what would happen if Joe Biden won the White House has been proven correct.

In an interview on Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports,” Trump said his father warned that we’d have $8 gas if Biden was elected. “We have $8 gas,” Eric Trump said. Eric said his father had predicted runaway inflation, crumbling stock markets, and a loss of worldwide respect for the United States. “And guess what?” Eric added.

He said the 79-year-old Biden “gets nothing right,” not Afghanistan, not any foreign policy. “He can’t ride a bike correctly,” Eric added.

Eric noted that nobody talks about how his father replenished the strategic petroleum reserves or how gas was only $1.89. He said Biden has been releasing “millions of gallons” because he is incompetent. The younger Trump also said Biden gave “millions of gallons” of the strategic petroleum reserves to China.

It’s a little nitpicky, but Biden didn’t give China our strategic petroleum reserves; he sold some of our strategic petroleum reserves to a Chinese-based energy company. Not that this distinction makes it any less horrifying.

Eric Trump also blasted the president for throwing out the achievements made by his father, including social, economic, and foreign policy achievements. He said all of them are “going down the tubes” and now “the American people are paying for it.”

Trump also criticized the president for not being able to “even keep his family together. He noted the difference between how his family has been treated by the FBI compared to how Hunter Biden is being treated.

He boasted of his father’s accomplishments, including lowering taxes, delivering a booming economy and job market, and bringing peace to the Middle East.

Compared to that, Biden’s presidency has done nothing beyond “embarrassing the United States,” Eric said.

Regarding a possible Donald Trump run in 2024, Eric said he would be his father’s biggest cheerleader. He said he didn’t care “how much they come after us” if Trump decides to run, adding, “he’s the best man for the job.”

Watch the interview HERE.