Ex OANN’s Jack Posobiec and Crew Detained by World Economic Forum Police

(NewsGlobal.com)- Last Monday, Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec was detained by police outside of the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, Switzerland while attempting to report on the event.

According to Posobiec, initially, a police officer approached him and his team while Posobiec was filming a segment for the Charlie Kirk Show outside of the entrance to the summit. The officer asked to see their press passes and IDs. After they complied, the officer seemed satisfied and left.

But an hour later, as Posobiec and his crew were sitting outside of a restaurant on a break, two minivans full of police officers, including the one who initially approached them, arrived at the scene. Officers, some with guns drawn, began questioning them individually. They were instructed to empty their pockets before being frisked by the officers.

According to Posobiec, none of the police explained why he and his team were being targeted.

Posobiec and his crew were detained for about an hour before police released them.

After they were released, Posobiec filmed a 19-minute video for Human Events describing the series of events: