Experts Discuss Fears Over America’s Weapons Stocks

Reports show experts have concluded that the US can provide Israel and Ukraine with the weaponry they need to protect themselves from invaders, despite worries that it may deplete its weapons stocks by backing two allies at war.

US authorities insist they should and can support both, but if the conflict between Israel and Hamas drags on too long, the US will risk its military preparedness in addition to its concerns about its industrial base’s ability to meet America’s needs.

CSIS observes that U.S. aid to Ukraine has depleted Stinger surface-to-air missiles, ammo, and anti-tank missile systems. Regarding the fiscal year 2022 rate, the Javelins given to Ukraine in 2022 equaled seven years of manufacturing, and the Stingers represented 20 years, according to CSIS.

A $200 million increase in U.S. security support for Ukraine brings the total to over $45 billion in armaments since Russia invaded in February 2022. War shows no prospects of ending soon. That worries some experts that the U.S. may abandon Israel, one of its closest allies. According to reports, the White House may link Ukraine’s aid to Israel.

Mark Cancian of the Center for Strategic and International Studies found that Ukraine’s demand for unguided munitions has increased since the country has been shooting up to 7,000 rounds per day.

Israel will put an emphasis on precision munitions that, when used singly, can produce the same result as several strikes employing unguided bombs. Israel’s smaller army and its operations in densely populated areas mean that accurate weapons will be in high demand.

Additionally, Ukraine’s war to oppose Russian invaders is likely to last considerably longer than Israel’s war against Hamas.

Cancian expressed his shock at the reports of ammunition shipments for small guns to Israel. The Israeli Defense Force has not had to employ them yet, and they can be made in Israel.

Israel is one of America’s closest allies, and the United States provides it with at least $3.8 billion in annual military aid.