Facebook Censors The Babylon Bee… Again

(NewsGlobal.com)- Another instance of liberals intentionally or unintentionally confusing humor for facts occurred last week when a post from the Babylon Bee, the most prominent conservative satiric website, was highlighted by one of Facebook’s “fact-checkers.”

TikTok, another site for sharing videos, removed the video without explanation. TikTok was developed in China, but its American branch hires from the same pool of left-leaning content moderators as Facebook and Twitter. These content reviewers are more concerned with suppressing parody of woke causes than discussing Tiananmen Square or Hong Kong.

This parody of an advertisement for Mattel, seen on YouTube, was created to make fun of lefties’ statements about gender that directly contradict the facts.

“Men can get pregnant just like women,” says the narrator. They add that “in point of fact, there is no such thing as a definition of women. We have no concept whatsoever of what a lady is!”

During his pregnancy, Ken does everything considered natural for a person giving birth, such as chestfeeding and hiding his breasts with chest binders. He gently lulls the child to sleep by rocking them in his firm, muscular arms.

The video concludes by recommending you tell your birthing folks to get you a Pregnant Ken today because “why should women be the only ones who can experience the miracle of obtaining an abortion?”

In response to the video, the Latin American “fact-checker” Cotejo.info flagged the Babylon Bee for containing “false information.” As a result, Facebook users are now required to click through a warning screen before watching the video, reducing the video’s distribution on the platform.

According to Not the Bee:

The Bee’s decision to make a film about a toy that encourages transgender ideology in children is completely unacceptable and out of line. It’s not ludicrous due to its lack of plausibility; instead, it’s ridiculous because it’s so believable.

Due to the blatant nature of the joke, Facebook also threatened that they would further restrict the reach of The Bee’s page on Facebook.

It is not the first time the Babylon Bee has been scrutinized for its use of humor and “fact-checking.” In 2018, after Snopes fact-checked a post about CNN acquiring a washing machine to “spin the news,” Facebook threatened to suspend the Bee’s page.

A satirical essay on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was later given a “fact check” by Snopes.