Facebook “Oversight” Board To Review Content More Quickly

(NewsGlobal.com)- The Oversight Board of Meta Platforms said that it would be expanding its work to include reviewing more categories of content moderation issues and speeding up the decision-making process for some situations.

Reports show Facebook and Instagram’s content removal decisions will be reviewed by the Oversight Board, which will then rule on whether to uphold or reverse the social media giant’s judgments.

The board had decided to start releasing summary judgments that examine instances when Meta reversed its original decision to keep or remove a post. The board believes that such incidents might be valuable for scholars and civic society and could assist Meta in avoiding making the same errors in the future.

The board has announced that it would speed up the publication of its conclusions in select circumstances. Upon receipt of a case, a decision will take as early as two days or as long as 90 days.

The board said in a blog post that by publishing more judgments and boosting the speed, it would be possible to take on more of the significant difficulties of content management and react more rapidly to situations with urgent real-world repercussions.

Only a small group of board members will assess accelerated cases, and they will not take public feedback into account.

According to reports, Kenji Yoshino, a constitutional law professor at NYU School of Law, will join the board, bringing the total number of Oversight Board members to nearly two dozen.

After a two-year ban, Meta announced in January that former President Trump would be restored on Facebook and Instagram with conditions. Trump’s reaction was caustic.

Trump responded on his own social networking site, Truth Social, where he blasted Meta for banning him and other members. He also expressed gratitude to Truth Social for their outstanding work in amplifying his voice at a time when many were being silenced by the left.