Facebook To Use AI To Push More Advertising

In 1984, the movie The Terminator was released. Directed by James Cameron and featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Michael Biehn amongst others. The movie, set in a post-apocalyptic world in which robotic technology had advanced to such an extent that these men made instruments were able to think for themselves and rebelled against their human creators. Millions are wiped out as the robotic beings dominate the planet, and the movie promotes themes like fate, technological dominance in everyday life, and self-destiny. Many decades earlier, the English writer George Orwell published the novel 1984 in which a dystopian authoritarian future is described. The tale was a cautionary one, written by Orwell as a way of warning individuals about the potential threats that the emerging trends of modernism posed to western society.

In contemporary times, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance and many experts in economics and technology continue to make assertions that the technology is increasingly dangerous and will likely result in the loss of millions of jobs and create a destabilization across the globe. Goldman Sachs recently made a report that some 300 million jobs are at risk as Artificial intelligence continues to grow. In the report, the organization predicted that 18% of work globally The bank also claims that a quarter of occupations in the nation could be totally made obsolete by Artificial Intelligence in the future.

Social Media companies like Facebook and Snapchat have adopted Artificial Intelligence. In a recent report by Bloomberg, Chris Cox, the chief product officer of Meta (Facebook) has spearheaded the company’s adoption of Artificial Intelligence chat bots. Facebook has forecasted the technology to be a game changer for the business side of the platform, particularly in the realm of advertising. Cox claims that Artificial Intelligence would be an integral part of making business operations become more efficient on the Social Media platform. On Instagram, free chatbots were introduced with celebrity personality traits.