Factory Sabotaged As Riot Breaks Out

(NewsGlobal.com)- An industrial plant in the French commune of Bouc-Bel-Air was sabotaged after as many as 200 far-left eco-extremists cut cables and started fires. The group caused significant damage to the facilities and vehicles, according to Breitbart.

The incident reportedly occurred last week at an industrial plant belonging to the French cement company Lafarge. The extremists allegedly stormed the plant, according to witnesses who number the group from between 100 to 200 people. Within just fifteen minutes, the rioters smashed offices, and vehicles, and set fire to machinery, as well as cutting several main wires.

The activists explained the reason for their riot and destruction in a press release, according to French outlet BFMTV.

“Air pollution is considerable and has been denounced many times…However, the chimneys are still spitting their venom,” the group wrote. They also said that the company cannot hear the generations they are leaving without a future as a result of their pollution.

They will not cease without being forced to do so,” the statement continued, adding that they will be the ones to “dismantle the infrastructure” that is polluting the environment.

Lafarge also released a statement calling the attack unprecedented.

The group is reportedly connected to another sabotage that occurred earlier in the year when they cut the power from an electrical line, leaving as many as 5,500 people without power.

An arson incident reportedly targeted internet infrastructure by anarchists earlier in the year as well. The group said that they are not against 5G, “but in a broader context, [they are] fighting against the techno-world.”

Around 4,000 eco-extremists were involved in a violent rally that led to the injury of 61 officers in France in November. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin denounced the mob, saying that the demonstration was not a peaceful rally.