Family Of 8 Found Dead In Murder-Suicide Situation

( An entire family was discovered dead in their house in a small Utah town in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

Shocking reports show officials in the small Utah town of Enoch have stated that the father fatally shot his wife, mother-in-law, and five children before turning the pistol on himself. Police discovered the family after a welfare check on the mother late Wednesday afternoon.

According to news sources, the woman served her husband with divorce papers last week.

Enoch City Manager Rob Dotson told reporters at a press conference that evidence suggests the suspect committed suicide after killing seven people in residence.

According to Dotson, the wife missed a scheduled appointment. The person she was scheduled to meet contacted the police to conduct a welfare check. A few hours following that welfare check, the Cedar City Police Department received a call that Tausha (the wife) could not be located.

A missing persons report was filed.  This report was subsequently forwarded to Enoch police, and the welfare check to locate Tausha evolved into an endeavor to find the entire family.

According to the report, Enoch Mayor Geoffrey Chesnut, a neighbor of the family, explained that the homes are situated on huge lots, making it impossible to detect gunshots or unusual activities. They are half-acre sites with large homes; you do not hear much from your neighbors’ houses.

Local reports show the family’s bodies were removed as evidence was collected from the crime site. More information will be made public as autopsies are performed on the victims.

According to court documents obtained by local media, the wife filed for divorce on December 21. The court imposed a domestic relations restraining order against both the husband and wife.

Jackson Ames, the police chief of Enoch, stated that the town’s police department was acquainted with the family and had investigated the family a few years earlier, though he did not comment on the investigation’s specifics.