Famous Athlete’s Autopsy Results Made Public

(NewsGlobal.com)- 52-year-old cricket legend Shane Warne, who recently died on a Thai resort island, reportedly passed away from “natural causes” according to an autopsy that has been completed by local authorities.

Warne’s body was taken on Sunday from the Koh Samui island by ferry to the Surat Thani mainland. His body was then taken to a local hospital where an autopsy was performed. It was confirmed that he did not die under any suspicious circumstances and that he may have succumbed to a heart attack.

Warne’s body will now be taken to Australian consular officers in order for it to be returned to Australia. The news was announced by the Thai deputy national police spokesperson Kissana Phathanacharoen on Monday.

The cricket star is so beloved in Australia that he is expected to receive a state funeral at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where reports suggest as many as 100,000 people may attend to pay their respects.

Warne’s death was tragic – and curious. Officials say that his death was not suspicious, but his body was discovered with two piles of blood on the carpet near the foot of his bed. There were also several towels stained with blood, a pillow stained with blood, and blood all over the mattress.

It appeared as though Warne was vomiting blood before he died, and when paramedics arrived to help him, his friends were already performing CPR to revive him.

Paramedics told British newspapers that his friends were “desperate” and one was crying, shouting, “come on, Shane, come on, Shane.”

The bedroom was otherwise clean and there was no sign of any partying, use of drugs or alcohol, or anything else untoward.

Rest in peace, Shane Warne.