Fatal Shooting of Australian Man at Park Could be ‘Targeted Execution, Police Says

Under the cover of darkness, a shooting occurred on a Melbourne street, resulting in the death of a 30-year-old man.

In the southeast of Melbourne, a man was shot and killed.

At 12.30 am on Saturday, a man from Cranbourne was discovered inside a car near Bride Avenue in Hampton Park with a gunshot wound.

According to sources, a Ford Ranger utility vehicle was seen speeding from the street in the suburbs.

At a Berwick reserve, a charred car was discovered two hours afterward. A police official said they have not determined if it relates to the previous incident.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating Hampton Park and are asking anybody with information about the incident to contact them.

The ‘hallmarks’ of a targeted execution are evident in the shooting murder of the soon-to-be father. The Victoria Police have not yet confirmed a connection between organized crime and the shooting.

The victim, a carpenter named Aaron Toth, was found in his Volkswagon Golf.

Upon learning of Mr. Toth’s passing, a close friend said he was going to Melbourne.

At the moment of the deadly incident, neighbors supposedly heard two or four gunshots.

The shooting occurred in front of a dilapidated red-brick residence.

One neighbor said the home was often visited, with individuals frequently coming at strange hours on motorcycles.

According to another neighbor, the occupants of the red brick property were the subject of several complaints.

Police have launched an immediate manhunt for the shooter, and homicide squad investigators are looking into Mr. Toth’s killing.

Authorities are trying to piece together what Mr. Toth did in his last hours and why he was seen outside the red brick house.