Feds Found A Dangerous “Device” Near The Border

An “inoperable destructive device” was discovered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in the border town of Douglas, Arizona, on May 6.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) collected the device for inspection.  A Customs and Border Protection representative told reporters. That the device was discovered during “secondary vehicle inspections.” 

The suspect was detained at the port of entry in Douglas. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) was called to interview the man of interest.

After AZDPS removed the hazardous device, a thorough search of the car was done, but no other items were discovered. 

The Improvised Explosive Device was constructed from an empty M&M tin and electrical tape. At the open end of the box were two wires, one blue, and one red.

At this moment, it is unclear who built or placed the device.

The Department of Homeland Security requires border officials to work over the weekend to cope with the influx of migrants following the repeal of Title 42.

To provide a legislative solution to the massive problem, Republicans in the House have enacted the Secure the Border Act of 2023.

 But it has slim chances of clearing the Democratic-controlled Senate, and the White House has already threatened to veto it. The Republicans’ anger at the border’s lack of protection has reportedly led to whispers of an impeachment effort against Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas.  

On Thursday, Representative Alex X. Mooney joined the ranks of more than 40 Republican colleagues who called Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign, be impeached, or find another line of work. 

Only months into the 118th Congress, Republicans have already asked five Biden appointees to quit. Some individuals have been asked to do so more than once, such as the incompetent Mayorkas and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.