Feds Ran Away From Twitter After Elon Musk’s Purchase

Once Elon Musk became Twitter’s CEO, scores of veteran federal agents departed the company.

Musk started purchasing Twitter in April 2022, and on October 27, 2022, he officially took ownership of the firm. According to a LinkedIn search undertaken by The Daily Caller, 28 ex-FBI, CIA, DOJ, and DHS leaders who Twitter had employed quit the company at that time and in the months that followed.

In addition, the senior director for the trust and safety organization, the deputy general counsel and vice president, and the senior staff technician left Twitter around when Musk acquired the company.

The revelation that Twitter had employed many ex-FBI agents initially came to light in December when a user using the moniker “Name Redacted” called for Twitter CEO Elon Musk to undertake “a little housecleaning” of his staff.

In December, Musk claimed on Twitter that former FBI agent James Baker had been famously “fired” from Twitter for his role in covering up the Hunter Biden laptop incident. Baker was the one who hid the information.

Reuters claims that following Musk’s admission in April, the company saw a widespread exodus of personnel, leading to a higher-than-usual turnover rate. Elon Musk fired half of Twitter’s full-time employees after giving them an ultimatum to resign or promise to be hardcore employees.

Several current and past Twitter workers do not seem to have made their contact information public, and some former government employees may have removed it. Name Redacted’s removal from the list of LinkedIn profiles of former FBI agents suggests this.

Nine ex-FBI agents now work for Twitter in high-level executive positions such as “corporate security manager,” “director of information security,” and “senior director of trust and safety.” They each served the bureau for at least 15 years before switching.

In response to a question from the Daily Caller, Twitter’s standard automatic response system—the poop emoji—was activated. 

This has been the case since Elon Musk assumed ownership of the company.