Former Supporter Who Fundraised Millions for Obama Flips to Trump

A former fundraiser whose work helped raise several million dollars for former President Obama recently discussed her departure from the Democrat Party and her newfound support for Trump.

Huynh spent almost $1 million in 2008 for a canvas painting by Shepard Fairey that was influenced by the Obama ‘Hope’ posters. She said that her optimism and her belief in former President Obama’s wonderful ideals about equality for women and people of color prompted her to back the campaign. Despite her waning support for the party, the Vietnamese immigrant, who is 48 years old, is preparing to vote for Trump and is auctioning off the ‘Hope’ painting.

Huynh said that there isn’t a single cause for her departure but rather a chain of events. She elaborated by saying that the Democrat Party is too concerned with policing non-criminals and ignoring the need to make neighborhoods safer.

She said that the Democrats were enforcing the incorrect policies. She claimed that our city needs to crack down on a number of issues, including the prevalence of violent crime in San Francisco, instances of public defecation, heroin overdoses seen by her children, and the practice of letting shoplifters parade through grocery stores and causing their closures.  She was upset that there were no grocery stores around anymore.  

Huynh is now politically identifying as an Independent. 

Huynh told the media that she went to a Trump fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago not long ago and was surprised by her interaction with the former President. She said that Trump was knowledgeable, humorous, and lighthearted.

Huynh expressed her satisfaction with Trump’s understanding of current events and the economy. He knows what is going on. She discovered that the things that are really important to him are education, combatting crime, immigration, and business.

President Joe Biden has lost the backing of certain Democrat politicians and contributors.

Jacob Helberg, a former contributor to the Democrats, said that he is now a Trump supporter. According to Helberg, he has seen the “Squad” and woke-worship seize control of the Democrat Party and is not a fan of that.