Former Trump Advisor To Appeal Conviction

Former economic adviser to ex-President Trump, Peter Navarro, announced on Newsmax Monday his intention to appeal his recent conviction on two counts of contempt of Congress.

The first accusation against Navarro was related to his non-compliance in providing documents sought by the Jan. 6 committee, and the second was for not attending a deposition. During the trial, prosecutors contended that Navarro deliberately ignored the congressional subpoenas. Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Aloi remarked in her closing statements, “The defendant prioritized loyalty to the former President Trump over adhering to the subpoena.”

Navarro asserted to Newsmax host Eric Bolling, “The reason appeals courts exist is for such situations. We’re going to emerge victorious.” He was found guilty last week for not adhering to a subpoena from the U.S. House select committee about the events of Jan. 6.

Navarro expressed his belief that he and his colleagues from the White House are being unjustly pursued, saying, “The way they’re treating me and my colleagues from the White House is unacceptable.

Those of us who joined the White House in January 2017 are now burdened with exorbitant legal fees and the looming threat of incarceration because some individuals have a political agenda.”
Stan Woodward, Navarro’s lawyer, has called for a mistrial, asserting that jurors were potentially influenced by protesters during a break outside. The judge has asked for proof to support this allegation. At trial, Woodward attempted to invoke executive privilege as a reason to prevent Navarro from testifying. However, the judge rejected this line of defense, stating there was no documentation showing it had been formally invoked.

Last Friday, Trump supported Navarro, denouncing the Jan. 6 committee members on Truth Social. He stated, “The real culprits should face legal action, not Peter Navarro, who remarkably championed trade negotiations against China, ensuring they paid the U.S. hundreds of billions during my tenure. Such payments were unheard of before our administration.” He said, “China is probably the only one celebrating Navarro’s conviction.”