Fox News Airs Footage Of Animal Attack On National TV

( Fox News aired footage of animals attacking children on national television, according to Mediaite. In one video, a little girl is seen screaming as a raccoon latches onto her leg and would not let go. In another, a father rushes to rescue his two-year-old daughter after a coyote (not the human traffickers) grabbed her leg with its teeth and attempt to drag her.

The raccoon incident occurred last week in Connecticut when a little girl is caught yelling as the animal bites her left leg.

“It was wrapping its arms around my leg,” the five-year-old girl, Rylee MacNamara, told CBS affiliate WFSB. “It really hurt.” The girl added that she was going outside to get on the school bus when the raccoon tried to attack her.

Her mother Logan said that she had thought Rylee caught her finger on the door but was not expecting to see a raccoon wrapped around her leg.

“It’s a rabid raccoon, get some help!” her mother recalled yelling, adding that they both went to the hospital afterward to receive rabies shots.

In the other incident that occurred on the same day last week in Los Angeles, two-year-old Ariya Eliyahuo was grabbed by a coyote. Her father, Ariel, is seen running toward her and trying to scare the coyote away as he picks her up off the floor.

Eliyahuo told CNN that he heard he scream and thought she fell down but then saw the coyote attack her and proceeded to pick her up and shoo the animal away.

“We don’t live in a zoo, we live in Los Angeles,” he added. “Now I’m really, really, really afraid to let the kids go out, even in the backyard, by themselves.”