Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Has Reportedly Gotten January 6th Committee’s Message

( In a highly partisan op-ed at The Hill, Dennis Aftergut, an attorney with the leftwing group “Lawyers Defending American Democracy” could barely contain his glee over an editorial from the Wall Street Journal that claimed the January 6 select committee’s “evidence” established that Donald Trump is a con man.

Part of what made Aftergut so gleeful is that the Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. He quickly notes that Murdoch also owns the Fox News Channel and reminds readers that Fox News didn’t air the primetime premiere “hearing” of the January 6 committee.

And? So what?

Then Aftergut spends his op-ed accusing Republican-led state legislatures of perpetuating Trump’s “Big Lie” by enacting “voter suppression measures,” which is Leftist-speak for “election integrity laws.”

He claims secretaries of state offices in battleground states could potentially be taken over by “Election deniers” who will seek “the power to declare victory for their favored winners, whatever the vote.”

Aftergut also thinks the January 6 select committee provided “evidence” “disproving” Trump’s claims about election fraud during its Monday hearing. He adds that the January 6 committee made the point that “people must live in a fact-based reality going forward.”

If “fact-based reality” is something the January 6 select committee wanted, it would have included members selected by the Republican leadership. It wouldn’t need to selectively edit videos to remove details that run counter to its narrative. And it wouldn’t have been afraid of having the opposition party present to call and question witnesses.

When you rig the game from the start, you aren’t looking for “fact-based reality.”

But Dennis Aftergut is a leftist. He is no more interested in “fact-based reality” than a fish is in Bitcoin.

Aftergut wasn’t entirely happy with the Wall Street Journal’s editorial, however. It irritated him that the Journal didn’t recognize “many of the dangers” like how Trump’s conspiracy to “overturn the election” came very close to succeeding. He was also miffed that the Journal editorial also didn’t mention that Ivanka Trump testified that she trusted former Attorney General Bill Barr’s assessment about the 2020 election.