Fox News’ Peter Doocy Asks Biden Official “Do You Want To Go To The Beach With The President Tonight?”

( On Friday, President Joe Biden left Washington for his beach home in Delaware after only working a 2-day week. But before he left for Rehoboth Beach, the President planned to address the nation during primetime Thursday to demand gun control legislation.

And during Thursday’s press briefing, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy grilled press secretary Karine Jean Pierre over the President’s upcoming speech arguing that if Biden thinks this is so important, why is he heading off to Delaware for a long weekend?

Doocy asked since the President thinks Congress should act right away, did he have plans to invite any key lawmakers to Rehoboth Beach with him to negotiate on gun reform.

A fumbling Jean-Pierre combed through her binder for some kind of diversionary answer, prompting Doocy to point out that a central message during Biden’s campaign was he knows how to work with Congress to get things done.

Jean-Pierre seized on the remark to brag about how Joe Biden has “beaten the gun lobby before.”

Doocy asked if that was the case, why isn’t Biden inviting lawmakers “who maybe haven’t beaten the gun lobby” to Rehoboth Beach so he could show them how it’s done.

Jean-Pierre, who stinks at her job, repeated her talking point that Biden “beat the gun lobby” when he was in the Senate.

Doocy pressed on, pointing out that he agrees with Jean-Pierre that Biden “has a lot of legislative experience,” but asked why Biden said he “wants to give these negotiations some space.”

Without a concrete answer to give Doocy, Jean-Pierre deflected his line of questioning by asking Doocy if he was trying to say that he wanted to go to the beach with President Biden.

After a brief joking exchange, Doocy pressed on. He asked again why Biden would say he wants to give negotiations some space if, as Jean-Pierre said, “people are dying every day.”

Rather than answer Doocy’s question, Jean-Pierre fell back on the prepared talking points about the President’s primetime speech. She said the President can’t do it alone, so he is calling on Congress “to act.”

Finally, Jean-Pierre conceded that she didn’t have any possible meetings with lawmakers to preview for the press, adding that she can’t say it isn’t going to happen, only that she can’t preview them.