Fox News Says Biden Bypassing Congress Talk Is Just A “Gimmick”

According to a report, Arkansas Republican French Hill told Fox News presenter Jon Scott that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen concedes the 14th Amendment “solution” to the debt ceiling battle is nothing more than a “gimmick.”

On Monday, President Joe Biden will meet with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy in what may be their last effort to reach an agreement on lifting the debt limit.

During the Obama administration, the idea of using the 14th Amendment as a basis to ignore the debt ceiling was discussed, and the New York Times published an article outlining the concept a few weeks ago. More recently, Harvard professor emeritus and constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe, who had previously said that using the 14th Amendment was not a legitimate option, has strongly advocated for using it.

Before departing the G7 conference, Biden stated that his government is looking into it and that he thinks he has the ability.

Scott discussed the debt ceiling standoff with Hill, a member of the Oversight and Financial Services committees, and questioned Hill on the possibility of Biden using the 14th Amendment.

Hill said Biden should prioritize negotiations with Republicans and used Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as an example.

Hill stated that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was correct in telling everyone in Washington that the 14th Amendment is a “gimmick.”  The president ought to take this seriously. Stop pointing fingers and instead focus on finding a responsible and reasonable solution to the debt limit impasse.

During his last news conference in Japan before departing for the United States, Vice President Biden declared himself innocent in the debt dispute and stated his belief that he has the power for the 14th Amendment option.

A report shows that President Biden absolved himself of responsibility in the event of a debt default by blaming “MAGA Republicans” for allegedly derailing discussions.


But Biden claimed that because of the politics underlying the discussions, no one would come out “blameless” and that “MAGA Republicans” would utilize it to damage his reputation.