Fox News Star Demands Release Of January 6th Protestors From Jail On Bail

( Judge Napolitano appeared on Real Talk radio network’s Joe Hoft Show and spoke about the event on January 6th and the horrors of abuse after arrests were made in DC.
Speaking about the trespassing at the Capitol on January 6, the judge said those arrested shouldn’t be in jail. All of them should be released on bond. The majority of jails, especially those in urban areas, are filthy. It’s cruel.
The problem is there isn’t any political backing. Politicians are unconcerned because the populace is unconcerned. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.
Napolitano feels most shameful is that they were arrested forcefully and that they’ve been held in a filthy atmosphere for this long. None of these folks are a threat to society, and they would all willingly return at the time of trial, and most of them shouldn’t be prosecuted in the first place because they are there to engage in 1st Amendment-protected activities.

He said that the feds are attempting to exhaust these individuals. They’re overcharging them to extract guilty pleas, and they’re making their lives terrible so the defendants would say to their attorneys, “Get me out of here,” or “I’ll agree to testify to anything just to get a nice night’s sleep, a decent wash, and a decent food.”
It’s a Gulag in the United States of America.
Judge Napolitano stated that courts dislike telling jailers how to run their facilities, but judges should intervene when a fundamental right is violated. These people should be released by the courts because the Constitution bans imposing an excessive amount of bail, they should be freed on a modest bond.
The vast majority have not been charged with any form of violence. There’s every reason to believe these people should be released on bail, but they aren’t. Judges are not performing their duties. This should be taken to the US Supreme Court, which seldom handles bail or jail conditions cases unless they are a cause of death. It does, however, need to be revealed and remedied.