Fox’s Jesse Watters: “We Didn’t Pick Up A Single Seat”

( In his post-election show last Wednesday, Fox News host Jesse Watters blasted both former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell over their campaign spending during the Midterm Senate races.

Watters marveled that McConnell’s leadership PAC sank nearly $400 million on Republicans running for the Senate “and we didn’t pick up a single seat.” Either the Republicans who lost were “garbage” or the money was not “well-spent,” Watters added.

Some garbage candidates were running in last Tuesday’s midterm, most notably Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania. He barely eked out a win in the Republican primary then went on to lose the general election to a brain-damaged stroke victim.

McConnell’s Senate Leadership PAC dumped $41 million into Pennsylvania to support the Oz campaign while Trump’s “Save America” PAC spent only $3.5 million in the state, despite Trump endorsing Oz.

Then Watters turned his attention to Donald Trump’s PAC, noting that the former president was “sitting on a massive war chest in Mar-a-Lago” and asking, “Where did that money go? We don’t know.”

Trump’s “Save America” PAC, which was set up to help Republicans retake Congress, spent only about $15 million of its more than $100 million haul promoting Republican candidates in the midterm election.

In addition to only spending $3.5 million in Pennsylvania, Trump’s PAC spent only $3.7 million in Arizona, $3.4 million in Georgia, $2.4 million in Ohio, and $2 million in Nevada.

The majority of the money donated to Trump’s endorsed candidates through Save America’s “Joint Fundraising Committee” went to the PAC while only a tiny percentage went to the candidate.

According to Politico, when Trump’s PAC raised money for Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters through its “Joint Fundraising Committee,” 99% went to Trump’s PAC while only 1% went to Masters.

During his show, Jesse Waters noted that after Blake Masters won the Republican Senate primary in Arizona, McConnell’s PAC pulled $8 million in spending from Arizona.

Watters suggested that instead of sinking $32 million into Ohio to help J.D. Vance win a state that Trump won by 8 points in 2020, Mitch McConnell should have spent that money in Arizona to help Blake Masters.

Watch the segment HERE.