Fraud List In Brazil Suddenly Released

( Brazil Conservatives Present Election Fraud Catalogue and Call for International Investigation.

According to reports, on December 6th, The Brazilian Conservative League in Europe presented their list of Supreme Court abuse and election manipulation to AfD vice-speaker in the German Bundestag Beatrix von Storch.  They asked for an international investigation.

When will the Republican Party in the US wake up and support the Brazilian people in their fight against the Communist coup?

Most Republican officials in America turn a blind eye to election fraud. Why would they bother with Brazil?

Meeting with South American expert Beatrix von Storch, the Chairperson of the “Liga Conservadora Brasil-Europa” Samia Sittel-Faraj voiced her concern over the future of democracy in Brazil and the left-wing pro-Lula spin of all the Western mainstream media.

Reports show Sittel-Faraj presented von Storch with the “Berlin Charter,” a catalog of voter suppression and election manipulation tactics used by the leftist Supreme Court and Superior Electoral Court in Brazil:

  1. “Opinion crimes.” A crime that does not exist in Brazilian criminal law and bypasses Congress’ jurisdiction.
  2. The unconstitutional ban on publishing reasonable, professional criticism of the insecure and vulnerable Brazilian electoral process.
  3. Investigations that undermine the constitutional powers of the Attorney General and Justice Department.
  4. Ignoring the Attorney General and Justice Department’s calls for opening and closing investigations.
  5. Opening court proceedings without respecting jurisdiction and jurisprudence.
  6. The obstruction of attorney access to clients and the legitimate and constitutional right to a full defense.
  7. Unconstitutional decisions without legal basis and against Brazilian law.
  8. Extralegal formation of a Federal Police group for illegal arrests and enforcement.
  9. Ignoring the constitutional norms when interpreting law on legal limits of the electoral system.
  10. Suppression of freedom of speech.
  11. Press censorship.
  12. Control of media and social networking content.
  13. Unlawful delegation of powers to fact-checking agencies with the spurious aim of removing content and profiles from conservative social networks.
  14. Blocking and banning conservative profiles on social networks.
  15. Demonetarization of social media, with irreversible economic and social consequences and irreversible damage to their owners.
  16. Seizure of assets, resources, electronic devices, and bank accounts from Brazilians “accused” of “anti-democratic” demonstrations without the right to due process.
  17. Restriction of free parliamentary work.
  18. Threatening to imprison citizens, parliamentarians, party members, journalists, businessmen, and legitimate authorities who dare to question the elections.
  19. Transforming the Supreme Court (STF) and Superior Electoral Court (TSE) into political instruments at the service of the opposition.

News reports have documented the problems with the Brazilian elections.  But Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with the convicted criminal and Communist “President” Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Monday in Brasilía and invited him to the White House as Brazilians protested outside.