Fraudster Falsifies Trump Pardon To Escape Punishment

A Florida con artist is facing over thirty years in jail for crimes including fraud and murder-for-hire and was previously involved in the creation of a fake federal pardon purportedly signed by Donald Trump.

North Redington Beach native Alexander Leszczynski, 25, sought to steal millions through fraud scams. According to the Tampa Bay Times, he also tried to hire a hitman to eliminate two government witnesses who were testifying against him.

After discovering his crimes, the government seized $337,000 from one of his accounts. As a countermeasure, the con artist came up with the absurd idea that Donald Trump pardoned him.

According to a statement made by the US Attorney’s Office after his detention, he sought to get the money freed by providing a phony pardon purportedly signed by former President Donald Trump.

The federal government didn’t buy it.

He was charged in April 2022 with bank fraud, money laundering, and wire fraud.

He attempted to deposit bogus checks totaling $2.7 million into an account belonging to one of his fake organizations as part of a check-kiting operation.

The slick thief sought to purchase homes nationwide for over $300 million.

Leszczynski sent threatening letters, emails, and faxes to the genuine owners when they tried to correct the bogus deeds.

In October 2022, he was accused once more of attempting to hire a hitman to assassinate two government witnesses for $45,000. Federal law enforcement officials say he falsely assumed their absence would cause the government’s fraud case to fall apart.

The plan was unsuccessful. Leszczynski didn’t know he’d been trying to use a confidential source to track down a killer until after the fact. The source then set him up with an undercover agent who strung him along until law enforcement could round him up again.

He also faces charges of contract killing and obstruction of justice.

For the fraud charges he admitted to in November, he received a sentence of more than 17 years in prison.

After pleading guilty in June, he received an extra 17 years and six months in prison on Monday for the murder-for-hire case.

Leszczynski will consecutively serve the sentences, which total a little over 35 years.