Funniest Ways People Got Revenge on Those Who Did Them Wrong

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “an eye for an eye will only make the world blind”, but Stieg Larsson said, “to exact revenge for yourself or your friends is not only a right, it’s an absolute duty”, and the people in these stories decided to follow the latter. While many people choose to forgive or forget the wrongdoings done to them, some don’t and they go to great lengths to make people who have done them wrong, feel the same way or worse. Here are some of the funniest revenge stories on the internet.  

  1. The Solo Tattoo 

When most people find out that their significant other has cheated on them, their immediate reaction is to confront the person, but not one Twitter user. Not only did she keep her calm when she found out, but she also came up with a plan to exact her revenge. After learning that her boyfriend was unfaithful, she talked him into getting matching tattoos. The cheating boyfriend went first, and his girlfriend unbeknownst to him, went home. He was left with a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s name – a constant reminder of the woman he cheated on.  

  1. Petty Pennies 

In 2009, Jordan Renken left a bar to find that his car had been towed and that not only did he have to travel 15 miles to get home, but also that the fee for the car’s release was $88. To get revenge on the towing company, the college student decided to get petty, real petty. He paid the fine in the form of 8,800 pennies, which the cashier refused to accept as payment. Unfortunately for her, Renken had done his homework and knew that they had to take it, so long as it was legal tender… and it was. He and the cashier went back and forth to the point where police had to get involved. Eventually, he was given his car, and the cashier had a horrible workday.  

  1. The Song About Luggage 

Airlines lose or damage their customers’ luggage more often than we’d hope and although most cases result in reunification or some form of compensation, sometimes it doesn’t, leaving customers disgruntled. In 2009, Canadian singer David Carroll boarded a United Airlines flight hoping to find his things in the condition that he left them in, but that was not the case.  Unfortunately, baggage handlers damaged Carroll’s guitar and the airline refused to pay the $1,200 repair bill. Carroll took things into his own hands and created a music video about the ordeal that was viewed over 5 million times. Additionally, the value of the company dropped by 10% within a month of the video’s release and the money lost by United could have paid for 51,000 guitar repairs. United executives saw the video, met with him, and said that they’d do better. 

  1. Stop Stealing Food 

The worst thing about having a communal fridge or cupboard is that things often go missing, as was the case of a man from Leeds. Annoyed that his co-workers kept eating his donuts without asking or owning up to it, he devised a plan to ensure that it would never happen again. He decided to buy a dozen donuts, a syringe, and a jar of English mustard. He injected each donut with a healthy amount of mustard before putting the package in the communal break room. As expected, many of the donuts were gone but after that, no one dared to take another one of his donuts.  

  1. Airport Arrest 

After realizing that the man she’d call her boyfriend was nothing but a scammer, London-native Angel Exford got the revenge she so desperately wanted. It started when she noticed that he was posting pictures with expensive cars that he could not afford. Then, he claimed that he lost his wallet on their first date, forcing her to pay for the meal. What Angel did not know was that her then-boyfriend used the opportunity to steal the card information and use it to pay for several different things, including Instagram follows and things for his other girlfriend. Angel exposed him online and it immediately went viral. The cherry on top was after finding out that he’d paid for a romantic getaway for him and his other woman (using her money), she called the police to have him publicly arrested before takeoff.