Garry Kasparov: There’s No Proof Biden Wants Ukraine To Win

( Former chess champion and Russian human rights activist Garry Kasparov said on Monday that he wasn’t certain that President Biden wants Ukraine to prevail in its war with Russia.

Appearing on Larry Kudlow’s show on the Fox Business Network, Kasparov was asked if he thinks Joe Biden is hoping for a Ukrainian victory in the war.

Kasparov told Kudlow he didn’t know. He said Biden has yet to say that the United States is helping Ukraine, not just to survive, but to achieve victory. And from the administration’s actions, Kasparov added, he didn’t see “clear proof” as yet that a victory by Ukraine “is part of the American agenda.”

Larry Kudlow observed that, before his aides walked it back, President Biden did say that Russian President Vladimir Putin can’t remain in power. Kudlow said he thought Biden’s remark “was the best sentence of his presidency.” He wondered how people should interpret the White House walking back the comment, then asked Kasparov if he thinks Biden does believe that Putin has to go.

Saying he hoped Biden did believe it, Kasparov said after what the president saw while visiting Poland, he thinks Biden was sincere. But Kasparov expressed frustration over the White House backtracking on the remark both the first time he said it and after Biden repeated it last week.

Kasparov told Kudlow that he believes there’s a “fight inside the administration” with some officials not wanting the United States to get involved in the war because they think Ukraine is a distraction from Biden’s domestic agenda, while others in the White House believe the way to “rescue their domestic agenda” is to end the war “at any cost.”

Watch the full segment with Garry Kasparov HERE.