Gas Prices Drop From 99 Day Highs

( The 99-day streak of gas prices falling came to an end last Wednesday as the national average for a gallon of gas rose to $3.68.

Average gas prices had fallen $1.34 since reaching an all-time high of $5.01 in mid-June.

By Tuesday, September 27, the average price of gas increased for the seventh day in a row, reaching as high as $5 a gallon in four states, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

On Tuesday, the average price in California hit $5.88, up from $5.46 last week. But by Friday, the average price in the state crept above $6 again while the nationwide average hit $3.78.

California’s highest average was recorded in June when gas climbed to $6.43.

Experts suggested the disruptions in oil production in the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Ian made its way to Florida may have contributed to the increase in gas prices this week.

Meanwhile, 22 states saw a drop in gas prices this week, primarily in the Northeast and South.

The average price in New Hampshire fell from $3.58 last week to $3.48 this week. In Connecticut, the price dropped to $3.33 from last week’s $3.44. In New Jersey gas fell from $3.48 last week to $3.58 this week while gas dropped from $3.67 to $3.56 in Massachusetts.

The states recording the lowest average gas price this week are Mississippi ($3.07), Louisiana ($3.11), and Texas ($3.11).