Gavin Newsom Has Been Assured Kamala Harris Will Not Run In 2024

( Governor Gavin Newsom (D) visited Washington, DC, on Sunday, according to Elex Michaelson, Fox 11 KTTV Los Angeles anchor and host of “The Issue Is,” to talk to Biden administration officials about the 2024 election.

Michaelson said that unnamed members of Newsom’s staff informed him that the California governor had no intention of running against Biden in the Democrat primary for the party’s presidential nomination.

During an interview with Joel Pollak on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday, he said, “talking to his people off the record, it appears like he and Biden are close.”

In reference to Newsom’s visit to the White House in Washington, D.C., last week. Michaelson claimed that one of the trip’s goals was to make it clear that he would not be seeking the presidency in 2024.

So, according to Michaelson, “I don’t think that Newsom or Democratic Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker or any of these other governors throughout the country who are currently enjoying their 15 minutes of fame are seeking to primary Joe Biden.

In the Capitol during the visit of the California governor, Michaelson spoke with Newsom.

According to Michaelson’s unconfirmed account from White House workers, Biden will seek a second term as president.

Michaelson said that It was funny talking to a number of different folks working at the White House off the record, who all swear that Joe Biden is running again or plans to, which would imply that there isn’t a Gavin Newsom run. Even if Joe Biden doesn’t, Newsom would have to run against Kamala Harris, with whom he has previously worked closely and with whom they share consultants and other things.

Michaelson noted that it would be quite a move to run against the first female black vice president and try to beat her in states like South Carolina, which has elevated importance the next time. It wouldn’t necessarily be smooth sailing for him or an easy shoo-in in terms of a run.

“I know a lot of those consultants think that Newsom may run against Harris, and that’s not a huge issue, but still, that would be quite a move to run against the first black female vice-president,” said Michaelson.

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