George Soros’ New Project To Cut Global Emissions Will Have Side Effects

( Bloomberg reported this week that billionaire George Soros’ investment firm Soros Fund Management has come up with a “climate plan” to reach net-zero emissions by 2040, whatever that means.

Soros Fund Management primarily exists to oversee money for the Open Society Foundations, George Soros’ leftwing network that doles out thousands of grants to leftwing groups.

Is that something that causes a lot of global warming? Who knows.

According to the head of impact strategy for Soros Fund Management, Hilary Irby, the firm cooked up its “net-zero emissions by 2040” plan back in 2019 but kept quiet about it while they figured out how to properly evaluate what emissions the fund finances and how the firm could cut those emissions.

Half of Soros Fund Management’s assets come from companies that disclose emissions data while the other half is from financial assets like currencies and sovereign bonds that don’t have a method of calculating emissions.

Apparently, Bloomberg considers this quite a sticky predicament for Soros Fund Management since an investment company can’t vow to reach net-zero emissions if it can’t figure out the emissions generated by half of its assets.

So why bother?

Well, because George Soros is part of the Climate Cult, that’s why.

So his Soros Fund Management went to all this trouble to create models that would estimate the emissions from all of its assets so it could set targets to start cutting them. Their plan isn’t to simply divest from businesses that generate carbon, but also to divest from businesses whose customers or suppliers generate carbon.

Then what’s left? Since exhaling creates carbon, wouldn’t Soros have to divest from everything?

Honestly, maybe investment companies should stop worrying about making some ridiculous net-zero pledge to begin with.

And that’s the problem with this article from Bloomberg. Instead of admitting that the whole virtue-signaling charade is completely absurd, Bloomberg addresses the predicament with stone-faced seriousness.

Only people fully invested in the new religion of Climate Change would take this Bloomberg article seriously.

The rest of us take one look at this article, roll our eyes, and mutter, “Oh, brother.”