George W. Bush Is Financing The Very GOP RINOs Trump Is Trying To Defeat, Records Show

( Former President George W. Bush donated the maximum individual contribution of $5,800 to censured Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s primary and general election campaigns last year, according to campaign finance reports filed last Monday.

The 43rd President was one of many establishment figures to contribute to Cheney’s massive $1.9 million fundraising haul in the final quarter of 2021. Now, the Pelosi puppet has over $4.7 million cash on hand.

When an establishment politician is rejected by voters, you can always count on the establishment to circle the wagons.

GW also donated the maximum of $2,900 to Alaska RINO Lisa Murkowski’s primary campaign last fall. His donation was part of the $1.2 million in campaign contributions Murkowski raked in during the final quarter of 2021. Murkowski now has $4.2 million cash on hand to help her ward off a challenge from Republican Kelly Tshibaka.

Like Tshibaka in Alaska, Cheney’s primary challenger Harriet Hageman is lagging far behind the RINO incumbent when it comes to campaign cash. But that might have changed on Friday.

Friday, the Republican National Committee approved a resolution to censure both Liz Cheney and her mini-me, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger for their involvement in the January 6 select committee.

This is the first time the RNC has censured a sitting member of Congress.

Cheney and Kinzinger immediately portrayed themselves as brave little victims standing up for the Constitution and fighting for our democracy.

But with this censure, the RNC is now free to treat Cheney’s primary challenger as the party’s official candidate, meaning the RNC can transfer party funds into Harriet Hageman’s campaign.

The money advantage for Cheney, however, isn’t being generated by voters in her home state.

Of the top seven states donating to Cheney’s campaign, Wyoming comes in seventh.

California makes up the largest portion of campaign contributions to Cheney’s campaign, followed by Virginia, New York, Florida, Texas, and Washington DC.

It was reported last week that Utah’s nominal Republican Senator Mitt Romney will be joining Liz Cheney at a fundraising reception in March. Most of the other Establishment people on the guest list are George W. Bush alums, including Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, Ted Olson, Michael Chertoff, and Miguel Estrada.

And is this “fundraising reception” taking place in Wyoming? Of course not. It’s being held in Virginia at the home of two wealthy, well-connected anti-Trump Republicans: Bobbie and Bill Kilberg. Proof of vaccination is required.