Girl’s Death Called A Genocidal Act

( Scott Schara and his family have not stopped talking about Grace, his 19-year-old daughter. She passed away in a hospital eight months ago after receiving a cocktail of sedatives, anxiety medications, and morphine.

His daughter with Down syndrome passed away at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin, the target of their most recent billboard campaign.

It would be difficult for hospital employees traveling to and from work to avoid seeing the billboards that ask, “Was Grace administered a fatal combination of medications at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital? Was it deliberate? Who is Next?

Some people inquire, “Was Grace branded Do Not Resuscitate at St. E’s without family consent?”

Grace passed away in October 2021, one month after President Joe Biden imposed COVID-19 immunization requirements.

People who refused the experimental vaccination were dismissed, and unvaccinated hospital patients received very different care than inoculated patients.

Reports from Minnesotans like Anne Quiner depicted a picture of medical discrimination and peculiar hospital policies that many, including Quiner, claimed caused their loved ones’ deaths.

Grace, who was unvaccinated like the rest of her family, was brought to St. Elizabeth’s on October 6 with COVID-19 respiratory difficulties, but she was already making a full recovery when the doctor started giving her a sedative called Precedex.

Due to Grace’s lack of vaccinations and their decision to employ additional early therapy drugs not endorsed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Schara claimed there was discrimination.

Schara revealed to The Epoch Times that Grace used Precedex for four days before her death, despite the severe consequences of taking the medication for more than 24 hours.

Schara said that on October 13, the day Grace passed away, she received Precedex, Lorazepam, and morphine within 29 minutes, even though morphine’s package insert specifically advises against taking it with the other two medications since doing so can be fatal.

As their parents watched Facetime, Schara claimed that Grace’s sister and patient advocate urged staff she spotted in the corridor to revive Grace while an armed guard stood outside the doorway of her hospital room.

A nurse replied that nothing could be done since Grace had been given the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) code, which Scott claimed required legal authorization from Cindy, Grace’s mother, who served as the medical power of attorney.
The family insisted that it never did.

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