Giuliani Transcripts Reveal Disgusting Statements

Former employee Noelle Dunphy filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani earlier this year. Allegations in the complaint against the Trump supporter ranged from his drunken behavior to his nonconsensual exposure to his demand for sexual favors to his use of sexist and racial language.

Giuliani disputed all of it, slandered Dunphy, and asked the court to throw out parts of the complaint and punish Dunphy and her attorney. 

On Monday, Dunphy and her attorney demanded that Giuliani and his attorney be punished for their actions. Audio transcripts were supplied showing Giuliani speaking the things he claimed he never said. The transcripts include some of the most disturbing advances and vilest bigotry imaginable.

Giuliani, as reported by the transcript, once claimed that Jewish men had smaller cocks because once they got married, they didn’t use them anymore. While Italians continue to use theirs throughout their lives, they grow in size.

“America’s Mayor,” talking about Jews, said enough with “the Passover” since it happened 3,000 years ago. He also quipped that the parting of the Red Sea was not a “big deal.”

Giuliani also talks about which celebrities are Republicans. When Giuliani struggles to come up with a name, Dunphy chimes in to say that Matt Damon is a liberal.

Giuliani retorts by calling the actor “a fag.” 

Then there are sexist remarks targeting Dunphy. Giuliani is overheard calling her “big tits.” In a weird rant, he claims Dunphy’s “tits” as his own and declares nobody else can go near her “tits” because they are his.

Giuliani spokesperson Ted Goodman told Rolling Stone that Dunphy and Giuliani were in a “consensual” relationship and that Dunphy’s intentions for launching the case were unclear.

The filing seems to contradict Giuliani’s denials, with Dunphy arguing that disciplinary action is warranted because Giuliani and his lawyer have shown a pattern of disrespect for the court. This disrespect led a panel of lawyers in Washington, D.C., to recommend that Giuliani’s law license be revoked last month.

Giuliani’s legal standing may be the least of his concerns. In the indictment of Donald Trump released by the Justice Department on Tuesday for plotting to change the results of the 2020 election, he was widely named as a co-conspirator. Although Giuliani was cleared of wrongdoing, Special Counsel Jack Smith said at a news conference that his office is still investigating the matter.