Gondola Capsizes After Tourists Don’t Follow Directions

In Venice, Italy, a gondola flipped over after a group of tourists disregarded warnings not to stand in the boat or take pictures.

According to footage shared on TikTok, the gondola capsized while it was navigating beneath a bridge close to St. Mark’s Square, plunging its passengers into the freezing water below.

According to a local report, as the gondola went beneath the bridge, the gondolier had instructed five passengers from China to remain still so he could maintain the vessel’s center of gravity. The gondola capsized because the five tourists disregarded the warning and persisted in standing and snapping photos.

The gondolier, who was trying to navigate safely beneath a bridge near St. Mark’s Square, also fell into the water.

Videos of the tourists hanging onto the boat in an attempt to pull themselves from the canal quickly went viral on social media.

A report shows that a gondolier dove into the canal’s frigid waters to assist the passengers in boarding a rescue gondola.

The La Fenice theater subsequently welcomed them out of the cold, and luckily, there were no reports of injuries.

According to a report, the Venice Gondolier’s Association lowered the maximum capacity of the boats in 2020, reducing it from fourteen to twelve on larger gondolas and to five from six on smaller ones due to the weight of obese passengers.

According to Andrea Balbi, the association’s president, tourists tend to be a little heavier than they were a decade or so ago. It was necessary to reduce the number of passengers since they don’t have scales to measure a person’s weight as some elevators do. More water will leak into the boat if the load is heavy.

Presently, there are over 430 full-time gondoliers and 180 part-time gondoliers in Venice.

A group of Venetians started the account “Venezia Non è Disneyland” (Venice Is Not Disneyland) to document the city’s tourist spot faux pas.