GOP Congressman Ordered To Hand Over Evidence

In the United States, there is an escalating crisis at the border. Over 5 million illegal migrants are estimated to have crossed the intentionally porous U.S. southern border under Bidens watch, threatening national security. Working class families have been forced to grapple with record levels of inflation not seen in decades as the cost of living continues to rise. Internationally, foreign adversaries of the United States like Russia and China have been emboldened, acting aggressively in the face of incompetent leadership from the White House.

It is not only President Biden who has set the stage for instability over the last several years. Presiding over the calamity at the U.S. southern border, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been criticized by members of the media and Republican politicians for his conduct while heading the department. On Wednesday, September 6th, several high ranking Republicans penned a letter to Mayorkas and the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray. The letter demanded information regarding reports that a smuggler tied to the middle eastern terrorist group ISIS crossed the southern border. Republicans mentioned concerns about the claims that federal operatives were aware of over a dozen individuals from Uzbekistan tied to ISIS that were smuggled through border. The letter was first made public by Daily Caller. These migrants had been “vetted and screened” by U.S. officials and released into the interior of America, as is common practice under the Biden administration.

While the FBI has recently come under fire for doing nothing regarding the border and has been rumored to have been weaponized against traditional conservative Americans (including Catholics) who might stand against the interests of the radical progressive government, they appear intent on targeting Republican lawmakers as well. In conjunction with the FBI, a federal judge ordered a Republican congressman named Scott Perry from Pennsylvania to turn over texts and emails related to correspondence during the 2020 election after Trump lost.