GOP Rep. Stands Firm Against Trump Campaign

Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie dismissed the suggestion that Donald Trump might target him for his decision to endorse Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary, The Hill reported.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Massie was asked by host Shannon Bream if he was worried that he might pay a price for supporting DeSantis over Trump in the primary.

Massie joked that he already has “Trump antibodies,” explaining that the former president targeted him in 2020 over his opposition to the pandemic relief spending bill the CARES Act, which kickstarted inflation, expanded mail-in voting, and added two trillion dollars in spending.

Massie noted he was the only member of Congress to oppose the massive spending bill and then-President Trump “came at me” for it. He explained his reasons for opposing the bill, saying he knew it would spark inflation, create shortages, and massively increase the deficit.

By contrast, Massie told Shannon Bream that when “everybody was hating on me,” Governor Ron DeSantis contacted him and said he planned to open Florida’s economy and “make sure our kids go to school.”

The Kentucky Republican added that Donald Trump targeted him by trying to help Massie’s primary opponent win. In the end, despite both Trump and former Rep. Liz Cheney supporting Massie’s primary opponent, Massie easily won reelection in 2020.

Massie suggested that many of those in Congress who have endorsed Donald Trump in the 2024 primary aren’t giving “wholehearted endorsements,” suggesting that some members of Congress are throwing their support behind Trump out of fear of retribution.

He said Republican lawmakers are either afraid that Trump might “get involved in their primaries” or if he does win the White House again, “he’ll be vindictive.”

By contrast, Massie said Governor DeSantis “can work with anybody” and there would be “no vindication” if DeSantis won the White House, adding, that was the kind of “bully tactics” Trump was known for.